Fire And Ice Microtransactions Comes To Path Of Exile
In Path of Exile, a whole weekend of discounts on the microtransactions from the Fire and Ice Mystery Box will be hosted. Including over 30 microtransactions available at discounted prices, including the Infernal Flame Golem, Arctic Ice Golem, Fire Armour Pack, Ice Armour Pack, Portals, Shields and more. 
Here is the video posted on PoE official website:
"I thought these two sets looked great and looked forward to finishing what was incomplete from the Mystery boxes. Then sin and innocence came out and I forgot about fire and ice."
"They save all their best sets for the mystery boxes so I assume the next one will be even better. Not sure what the theme will be though since they always do some kind of alternating theme these days so you combine them. Maybe bear set and pig set and become manbearpig when combined."
"I wonder if the sets still combine, or if that was only a thing for the duration of the mystery box."
"MTX for a new portal device would be cool. The fire/ice mtx is really cool. Glad to see those items go on sale."
"It actually looks okay without the wings. Too bad the wings look so extremely bad combined, otherwise I would really like this set."
"Fire lion pet: very crappy, unnatural animation, and nothing special about its idle animation either. That one is a let down."
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