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I do not play Tibia Anymore but I still Love it very much

I played tibia a lot when I was like 10 years old. I was addicted into that game a lot. Sometimes, I even skipped school to play it at home.

Now I am older and older, so I only play those big games like wow, ffxiv and so on. But I still miss the time playing tibia, and I still love that cute game. It is a game of nostalgia, with its pixelated 2d graphics, simple interface, and archaic systems. But as much as it is a game of nostalgia, it’s a game of competition, frustration, and irritation; over the years the developers haven’t kept on top of certain issues that other games are designed to handle.

Tibia has no level or skill cap, and the only limits of what you can accomplish in it are what you can squeeze into the time you have to play. To gain a level, you need to gain experience by killing monsters and getting tibia gold. Some quests offer experience, but they are not the primary means of leveling and are mostly used to access new hunting grounds and acquire new items.

Formerly, you would be able to gain experience by killing players of a higher level than you on Hardcore PvP servers but that feature was disabled a few years ago. Lastly, there is the newest edition to the server types; Preview Worlds, which are Open PvP worlds where monsters yield double the experience they normally would, and skills gain twice as fast.

The newbie experience is a bit gruelling, especially considering your character gains speed with levels and starts out being painfully slow moving. I think this is the reason a lot of people don’t play the game longer than the first few levels, it’s not very engaging or interesting.There is more variety as you level.