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Lost Ark: How to get and use guardian shards?

Can't get Guardian Shards in Lost Ark? Read this guide to find out everything about it.

Guardian Shards are tier 2 rare items that you can get in Lost Ark. Getting them can be pretty tricky. And many players are not sure how and where to use them. These concerns are justified as there is a lot to do in this game, so these things can get quite confusing. So, in this guide, let's see how to get Guardian Shards in Lost Ark and use them.





How to get Guardian Shards in Lost Ark?

You can get Guardian Shards by completing Level 2 Chaos Dungeons in this game. It's best to level up your character to level 50, as this will allow you to access that level of the Chaos Dungeon and others. There is no particular challenge here. Just emphasis on taking out the enemies and getting any shards you get. Your goal should be to challenge a level 2 dungeon three times or more. As your attempts increase, the other rewards you receive decrease, so the frequency of receiving Lost Ark Guardian Shards increases.



How to use Guardian Shards in Lost Ark?

You can use Guardian Shards by exchanging them for items. These shards can be used at Chaos Exchange vendors:

  • Travel to East Luterra.
  • Then head to Luterra Castle.
  • Find the NPC Magic Scientist Jeneka. You can find her north of the Trade District.
  • Interact with her, and an exchange popup will appear.
  • Go to the Level 2 Exchange tab.
  • You can now exchange your Guardian Shards to purchase items. These are all the items you can buy and their cost.
  • 1 Jump Life Stone (Bound): 60 Guardian Shards (Weekly limit: 30)
  • 1 Life Shard Pouch (L): 180 Guardian Shard (Weekly limit: 5)
  • 10 Destruction Stone (Bound): 45 Guardian Shard (weekly limit: 25)
  • 10 Guardian Stone (bound): 15 Guardian Shard (weekly limit: 75)
  • 1 Guardian Engraving Recipe Pouch: 200 Guardian Shard (list limit: 20)


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This is a guide on how to get and use Guardian Shards in Lost Ark. Since you are interested in shards, I also suggest you check out our guide on how to farm shards of harmony. And if you need help with other topics in this game, check out our Lost Ark section for more such guides.