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Madden 22 Ultimate Team: The Complete Guide To Earn MUT Coins

To build a strong team in Madden 22 requires a lot of human resources and financial resources, especially when you want to dominate the game. However, many players will invest a lot of real money in Madden 22 and buy MUT Coins from Ezmut.com. However, there will still be many players through the game to obtain their MUT Coins method. The following content is the best way to get coins in Madden 22.



1. Be Your Solo Challenge

I mean, do all of these, at least the simple ones in the battle.

For most of these challenges, you will be rewarded with coins for achieving certain milestones. More importantly, you will always get valuable players, and you can sell or exchange these players in sets in exchange for players that can be auctioned.

To obtain valuable rewards, the legendary challenge is a must. Complete any challenge, and you will get a power-on player that can be sold for a considerable profit. These players are excellent early game assets and can quickly complete other challenges and earn more stars.

Each challenge will reward you with 1,000 coins, so eight challenges = 8,000 coins. They are not as easy as in the battle (in terms of game difficulty), but the conditions are easy to meet. Legends are also a weekly event to provide you with a steady stream of players and coins.

The Gridiron Forge challenge is also very beneficial. You can easily pass the first two levels. However, higher levels require at least a solid team and some skills, so you need to put it on hold until you complete other more straightforward challenges.

Finally, the campaign provides the most direct challenge. You can complete the entire preseason in two days (depending on your level of investment).

The first few challenges are very simple-most challenges will be set to rookie difficulty, and the team is ranked lower than your team. The goal is also straightforward: sprint for 5 yards, pass for 15 yards, score a touchdown, etc.

After completing the entire Legends set, the first two Gridiron Forge sets, and the preseason in the campaign challenge, you should easily have more than 50,000 coins. This is enough to bring some big players through the auction.



2. Auction House Transactions

One of the best ways to earn coins in MUT is to invest some time and play auction games.

Think of it like the stock market:

  • Buy low and sell high.
  • By selling reliable players at low prices, take advantage of those who don't research and make mistakes.
  • Use filters to find deals, buy player cards and sell them for profit. You can easily earn 500-1,000 coins per transaction.

Check out this Cameron Blatt auction. He asked for 2,900 coins, but others bid 4,900 and 6,500 (the person who bid him 9,600 hardly saw any bids). You can buy him at a low price of 2,900 and then flip him for 4,000+ to make a profit.

Do this five times a day, and you will have approximately 100,000 coins in a month.

However, please note that you will be "taxed" by 10% on any sale you complete at the auction. Therefore, include it in your calculations and make sure you can still make a profit after tax.



3. Don't Buy A Bag (there is an exception!)

This is not about how to get coins, but how to avoid unnecessary waste of coins.

Financially speaking, buying a pack is an irrational decision. Maybe one day Madden decides to use Packs to improve their game level, but for now, Packs has very few players worth buying. Open the pack only when you desperately need a few players to complete a set. If you want your coins to be more innovative, this is not something you should do.

However, there is one package that is always worth opening: the Get a Player package. Madden professionals already know this, but for novices, this will be a game-changing message.

Obtaining the player pack is one of the most cost-effective actions you can make. First, you need to open a gift pack every day to achieve your daily goals, so it may also be a cheap gift pack for only 500 gold coins. Secondly, these packs will contain players who may not be influential but can always be used for certain things.

You can replace them with reliable players you need or fill in some combinations.

In the above example, we got a 74 OVR Core Rookie player, auctioning or selling for 14 training sessions.



4. Register For MUT Rewards

The last way to earn coins in Madden 22 Ultimate Team requires minimal effort, but it should provide you with some great rewards over time.

When you register for MUT Rewards, EA will automatically track the number of gift packages you have opened in the game. This number will classify you into one of three categories: Pro, All-Pro, or Legendary. Every month, with the start of new promotions, you will receive a series of rewards.

These rewards usually don't include coins, but they always have things traded in coins. And, since the only thing you need to do is to register, it's very cost-effective.

This is another reason you should open those "get the player" packages: they count towards the total number of containers you open, and they will help you reach a higher level of MUT rewards.



The best way to earn MUT 22 coins in Madden 22 Ultimate Team is to work and make intelligent decisions. Actively participate in the action-you can always reach a deal by selling the players you get from the package for free or by buying low and selling high. Finally, don't ignore your challenges. The early ones are easy. They will make you earn a lot of coins in the early stages.