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moneytibia:Wildstar Making Gold with Trading

In the Wildstar, you can’t purchase all classes’ AMP point from vendor. You should acquire some AMP point through monster drop. As we all know, the most expensive AMP for now is the Trigger Fingers. The market price of Trigger Fingers almost above 1500 Wildstar gold. Although the other AMPs are not so expensive, the average price beyond hundreds gold. So, how can we get these AMPs?
Now, we have collected the level 50 map for Trigger Fingers AMP drop location:

Malgrave AMP drop location:


wildstar malgrave amp location


Southern Grimvault AMP drop location:


wildstar southern grimvault amp location


In these two maps, not only there are Trigger Fingers AMP, but also there are other rare AMP and some purple Wildstar items. Those are very valuable. We sorted the AMP listed which can’t purchase from store.


World Drop AMP


If you acquire these AMP don’t sell out in store,you can get excellent price in Auction House. I was own hundreds gold in my backpack, but it isn’t enough to pay my moth-card. But now, i have thousands Wildstar gold, why not come with us!

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