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Some people say why you should give up playing Tibia Online

Tibia is a long history game and it has many players. But there are some people who dislike this game and they suggest people to give up playing it, but why?

They said like this: Levelling is long and boring. Only hardcore players are committed to the grind. For this reason, many people are buying into cheats that level their characters while they are afk.

In Tibia, if you are disliked by a high level and there is no one to challenge that high level: you're screwed. In Tibia, there are hardly any "safe" places in normal worlds. You can be found anywhere if a player knows the map well with a basic find person spell. Usually it's the top leveled players on the server that abuse lower levels until they either have lost a huge amount of work on their character or by even making the abused player ultimately quit.

Cheating in tibia is rampant. Most of the elite players use cheats to help level their characters and getting tibia gold while they are afk and have aids in pvp to get an unfair advantage over most who don't use the cheats.

At the same time, 10 seconds of having your character frozen in place or being kicked from the server in the numerous mass server kicks can easily ruin your day. It is usually the fault of the server and the disclaimer you agree to makes all your frustration towards the game developers and maintainers futile.