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To behave as well as you can in Tibia by Roleplaying

When you play in the Tibia you are a brave warrior who kills dragons and saves towns from dangerous monsters. It's easy, even very easy, as long as you got good imagination.

If you want to write a story about your characters, and also to decide how he or she will look in-game. The more details you can come up with, the more fun it will be to interact with you, and it will also be easier for you to roleplay with other people. You always have something to tell them about yourself. The answers to these questions are what are helping you the most in your choice of name.

The name you want to use must reflect your personality. Naming a dark and mysterious warrior "Mark Brightfeather" doesn't suit that well. Instead a "Mark Darkblade" would be more suiting. Also the name can describe how a person look. "Mary the beautiful" or "Jim Redbeard" are examples of that. It is neither wise to make a character named "Lord of Thais" etc.

Remember to as often as possible stay in character. That means you should not discuss the latest soccer game that you watched on TV last night. Instead you should talk about how bravely you faced whole horde of undead creatures last week.

If someone starts to talk to you about trading tibia gold you should simply ignore them. But of course there is a way around the "rules" if you feel that you just HAVE to tell someone about something IRL. Best way is to take it in a private message, and adding "OOC", which stands for Out Of Character, before your sentence.