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To Get the Tibia Gold as fast as you can during the playing

In order to help most of the high level players to get more tibia gold, so I wrote this guide, hopefully it will help you to became rich in game soon.

One positive fact is that they cover most of the clubs to buy NPC 30gp, which can rob them or do my bat bag. It gives you also great experience that the caves where they live much of the world, over 35,000 players online.

To hunt more monster in tibia, with the proximity of the line behind her. It is more than one reason for which all hunting small insects. Above all, the fixed income give bright. There rotworms not give much money, and the very rare few GP in one. Max 32gp to provide all you need is a little rotworms and that you have 1K.

Soldiers dwarfs is best for loot at this level because they bought dwarfs Shieldsaxes Crossbows and fight. These are all big money making products for height. fter looting AFEW complete this trick, you have a role to money. It’s even better if you have a premium account and the postman search means you can sell your items on parcels back and not worry about pulling back you worry about your place in the store, and could have been stolen.

They are only dwarf mines if you’re a free agent if the caves are usually always packed, whether there are only 300 players on the server or 900 players. Travel elsewhere, soldiers dwarfs in packs and you can break your armor with melee and screws can because these Monster Hit.