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Master Archer`s ArmorMaster Archer`s ArmorArmor$219.99
Demon ArmorDemon ArmorArmor$139.99
Magic Plate ArmorMagic Plate ArmorArmor$139.99
Sword of Valor (Lv80)Sword of Valor (Lv80)Weapon$109.99
Soft BootsSoft BootsArmor$106.99
Blessed Sceptre (Lv75)Blessed Sceptre (Lv75)Weapon$89.99
Jade Hammer (Lv70)Jade Hammer (Lv70)Weapon$79.99
Stonecutter Axe (Lv90)Stonecutter Axe (Lv90)Weapon$79.99
Yalahari ArmorYalahari ArmorArmor$79.99
Yalahari Leg PieceYalahari Leg PieceArmor$79.99
Mastermind ShieldMastermind ShieldWeapon$56.99
Demon HelmetDemon HelmetArmor$47.99
Emerald SwordEmerald SwordWeapon$46.09
Golden LegsGolden LegsArmor$42.99
Yalahari MaskYalahari MaskArmor$39.99
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